As your General Practitioner we are your entry to the Danish health-care system (except for emergency: telephone 112). We treat your illness or refer you to hospitals or specialists. This also includes maternity- and childhood-conditions. Contraception, vaccinations and prescriptions are also provided by this clinic. These services are generally free for you, when you are a holder of the Danish yellow health insurance card.  

To make an appointment please phone us.In the clinic you will meet The practice doctors Maria Fischer-Nielsen, Jørgen Skadborg, Sofie Østergaard Pedersen plus various younger doctors, nurse Anita Schultz and secretaries Trine Møller Jespersen and Dorte Jakobsen.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8-16 o´clock. Friday 8-12 or 16 o´clock. Outside our opening hours you may, in case of acute illness, phone out-of-hours medical service (“lægevagten”): 70110707. To contact us: You need to make an appointment pr. telephone (75331318) or e-mail. To use e-mail go to selfservice (“selvbetjening”) on this homepage, and sign in. You can speak to the doctors by phoning between 8 and 9 in the morning or to the secretary 8-12 o´clock.